Anycubic ABS-Like Resin Pro 2 1kg

Anycubic ABS-Like Resin Pro 2 1kg

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Anycubic abs-like resin pro 2 is the successor for the ABS-like resin +. With better a better elongation at break.

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Based on the excellent tensile and bending strength of the previous version of ABS-like resin + , Anycubic ABS-Like resin Pro 2 strengthens the toughness performance, increases the elongation at break by more than 100%, and the finished model is stronger and more durable, which can be used to print high-strength and high-toughness models such as structural parts, industrial prototype parts, and fixtures.

Anycubic ABS-Like resin Pro 2 mechanical property comparison

Anycubic ABS-Like resin Pro 2 Recommendation Index

High Flowability, High Success Rate

Low viscosity and high flowability shorten curing time and make models easier to form. The resin enables fast reflow, reducing delamination in model print. At the same time, the backplane adhesion is better, effectively reducing the risk of printing failure.

High flow example of Anycubic ABS-Like resin Pro 2

Low Odor for Peaceful Printing

Our low-odor formula reduces discomfort for those sensitive to smells, creating a more comfortable printing environment.

Low odor


  • UV Wavelength 365-405nm
  • Elongation at Break 35-40%
  • Density 1.05-1.25g/cm³
  • Molding Shrinkage 4.3-5.6%
  • Viscosity 300-400cPimPa·s
  • Flexural Strength 35-40MPa
  • Hardness 82-84D
  • Felxural Modulus 1400-1800MPa
  • Tensile Strength 35-40MPg
  • Heat Deflection Temp 60-65℃
  • Bottom Exposure Time 20-40s
  • Resin Wash Alcohol
  • Normal Exposure Time 1.5-3s
  • Shelf Life 1.5 Year



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