Anycubic ABS-Like Resin Pro Grey 1kg

Anycubic ABS-Like Resin Pro Grey 1kg

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  • Easy to Bend & Harder to Break: Anycubic ABS-Like Resin Pro has 20%-30% elongation at break which is 125% higher than Standard Resins; And its tensile strength and hardness are improved, offering high toughness performance.
  • High Precision & Wide Compatibility: Low shrinkage, not deformed, not brittle, but fine and smooth details; Sensitive to 355-410nm UV light, perfectly works with ANYCUBIC resin 3D printers.
  • Long Shelf Life: It has a shelf life of 2 years, which is longer than many other resins; To ensure stable performance, please shake the resin well before use and keep sealed and away from light after use.
  • Professional Applications with Ease: Flagship performance on high strength and toughness, which remains stable when under pressure, and suitable for making rapid prototyping parts that require both resistance to bending and toughness.


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